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PDF in English by Marisa Tacchi number 2 “Botanical Alchemy”


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  1. PRESENTATION New Alchemy

Following the success of Botanical Alchemy, I have decided to write a second notebook dedicated to this fascinating topic. Over the last few years, all over the world techniques for botanical printing have developed significantly; social networking groups have multiplied and more and more people have started to dye and print their own clothes in standing with their alternative life choices. Many have asked me to proceed down the road already taken and here I am, ready to put to paper all my notes and experiments of the last few years. I get a lot of satisfaction from sharing my knowledge and I continue to believe that this is the only way to increase the ecological consciousness that will save our planet and help us live more in harmony with Mother Nature.

In the subtitle of the notebook, I have chosen to use the term Botanical Print to include as widely as possible the expressive potential of the world of plants. Opening up research to new materials, experimenting with a mix of techniques and artistic hybridisations forms part of the free expression of the creative spirit.  This manual is exclusively dedicated to fibres of plant origin: cotton, linen, hemp, nettle and artificial fibres from cellulose such as: viscose, modal, bamboo.

We will dedicate a fascinating chapter to the world of paper: cotton paper, rag paper, printed paper from old books, straw paper, ordinary paper.

Thanks to my family and my friends for support in this new advencture.

Marisa Tacchi

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