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PDF in English by Marisa Tacchi number 1 “Botanical Alchemy” First steps in ECO PRINTING and natural dyeing


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Presentation of Botanical Alchemy, first steps in Eco-printing and natural dyeing , by Marisa Tacchi

Botanical Alchemy ,is a Coordinamento Tessitori book, the first Eco-printing manual in Italian, published in May 2018, with the first edition and in September, with the second edition, will be released in a few days in the English version, translate by Lucy Sobrero , translator and amateur textile artist.

Alchemy deals in a practical way with the world of botanical contact printing (eco-printing). It offers simple recipes with materials that are easily available at home, each project is accompanied by extensive explanations that bring the reader closer to the magical world of natural colors. Alternative methods with low energy consumption and self-production methods are also proposed. Every practical aspect and every variable that conditions the success of the work is examined in detail, with simple words and understandable examples. In the manual you will also find some historical and ethnographic references concerning natural colors, starting from the Neolithic to India Flint, promoter of the eco-printing technique, now widespread all over the world.

The English translation was born from a happy meeting with Lucy Sobrero, who offered her collaboration with competence and passion, allowing the spread of the manual also in the English-speaking world, expressing my gratitude to Lucy, I wish Alchemy to be a valid support to all those who approach this wonderful art.

For those who do not yet know what Eco-printing is or want to have an idea of ​​the contents of the manual, an extract and a summary will be sent free of charge, where you will find all the topics covered.

The manual will be distributed by Natalia Ribakova Pisaneschi through the website  which I thank for the great availability.

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